Thursday, December 4

Cite your sources!

On facebook there is an application called "flair".
You can send little buttons to people, of varying quality (both buttons and people, I'd guess), and they place them on a little corkboard on their profile. It's cute and I get addicted to looking new ones up. A cute one has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the $20, and says, "Irony is Andrew Jackson on a central bank note"
Sometimes I come across particularly atrocious ones. Such as one claiming Patrick Henry said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
Which is almost always attributed to Voltaire.
Which was actually said by Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

In other news: I Love BBC and NOVA! Archaeology class is much more entertaining than expected.


Steve R. said...

I hope that you were able to take Archeology 101 from Dr. Indiana Jones. He is noted for his painstaking investigative methods of examining archeological sites. You could learn a lot from him.

Sonya said...

Ah yes, I heard that he and Lara Croft recently joined the Ethics board for Archaeological Conservation.