Sunday, April 12

Yassas Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday! Happy Catholic Easter!
I feel like I have been living very biblically lately. Lentils and spinach on a bagel for lunch. Peanut butter tofu, figs, and diet sugar-free root beer for dinner. Oy with the poodles already. I need to eat something that was once mobile of its own accord.
In other news, I have two-plus weeks of hell all lined up. Two large papers, two (maybe three) big presentations, and a ridiculous amount of research. Plus at least three other finals. Am I complaining? Heck yes I am complaining! This stinks.
But there isn't too much left. I just have to buckle down and endure. Job did alright in the end, didn't he? I honestly don't know. I'll probably find out. Funnily enough, one of my thesis topics is actually regarding the Bible. Alas. I soldier on.

Tuesday, April 7

Lenten Food Extravaganza

So right now I am sitting at the computer, trying to think of things to say about Tver in Russian, eating a giant pile of spinach and lentils. They are pretty good, but I am intensely craving something savory. The no-meat diet leaves me snacking like crazy for lack of satisfying proteins. It would be fine if only I had more vegan resources.
In other news, I was recently up until 5 am making very detailed versions of planters that I want to build. All to scale and such. I just need a toolkit. And wood. And a job so I can buy tools and wood. And room to put the planter.