Tuesday, July 29

Feed the Flame

Crystal: Okay, so I think dinner's almost ready, so I'm going to go.
Sonya: Dinner is for those who can't feed themselves with the fire of their
Crystal: ... Yeah, but I'm hungry.
Sonya: Alright. I made that up just now though, so I was pretty
Crystal: I can tell.

Saturday, July 26

Everlasting Shame

I'm moving on to the next book in the Twilight series.
It's horrible.
It's awful.
It's despicable.
And I am going to finish the series.

Wednesday, July 23

In The Zone

So I downloaded an online text of the latest pseudo-goth-teen-romance novel, Twilight, because a few friends have been all a-twitter over it. Downloaded because I refuse to venture any money in support of such a strange endeavor. I am currently on page 46 and had to stop and email Rachel. Here it is for your cut-and-pasted pleasure:

So you know how sometimes you see something really unexpectedly funny, and you can't laugh because you don't have a breath in your throat, so you just make a little wooshy choking sound and grin dumbly? That is pretty much how I feel as I read every new sentance in Twilight. It's amusing enough that I want to continue to see where it goes, but man it is bad. It is definately a bad Queen cover. An entertaining bad Queen cover, but still not an actual song with musical value. Oooh dear I think I will at least finish this book, although reading on the computer is quite tedious and always reminds me of Jane Eyre.

Sunday, July 13

Leftover Pizza on a Rainy Morning

I love waking up and knowing that I don't have to get out of bed. Particularly when you peek outside and it is sunny but raining like mad, and there is last night's food left over in the fridge. Jalepeno and pineapple pizza, to be precise. I considered anchovy but I don't really know how well I like salty fish on my pizza anymore. Any moment now and there will be some kind of point or theme to this passage.
I got the Orange Box game set to play on Paulo's PS3. My main interest in that is the game Portal, which happens to be hilarious and fun, but there are a few other games on there as well that have good reviews and why turn down spending an extra ten dollars for four additional games? Paulo has recently consumed and conquered the last and latest of the Metal Gear series. It is definitely an interesting game.
Speaking of interesting games, everyone has words that constantly evade them in spelling. I made the mistake of putting one in the address of my blog. Alas. I hope it is changable.

Wednesday, July 9

A long, long time ago...

...I can still remember when that sonya used to blog all day....
And if you don't understand that, it is a Don McLean/Weird Al reference. Don did American Pie (the song!) and and Al remade it as a Star Wars song parody. I have had an odd mix of both in my head lately.
Anyhow, updates. There is not a lot that is new that I can think of right now. The Tour De France is on! My man this year is Thomas Voeckler. I've been rooting for him ever since he rode in yellow next to Lance. He looked so happy I couldn't help but like him. However I am more or less rooting for everyone. It is just an awesome event.
Oh, I got new glasses. I really wanted this pair of Juicy Couture frames, a sort of rounded rectangular tortiseshell with a lot of green, becuase I want more colour in my glasses now that I have contacts too. However I couldn't quite swallow the price. So we shopped around awhile so I could contemplate and I ended up with some darkish green granny looking frames. The fifties not-quite-cat-eye but with no bottom on the frame. I don't know if there is an official name for that. They are cute and I look rather like a naughty fifties librarian. Perchance pictures.
Maybe I will post something more enlightening later.