Sunday, July 13

Leftover Pizza on a Rainy Morning

I love waking up and knowing that I don't have to get out of bed. Particularly when you peek outside and it is sunny but raining like mad, and there is last night's food left over in the fridge. Jalepeno and pineapple pizza, to be precise. I considered anchovy but I don't really know how well I like salty fish on my pizza anymore. Any moment now and there will be some kind of point or theme to this passage.
I got the Orange Box game set to play on Paulo's PS3. My main interest in that is the game Portal, which happens to be hilarious and fun, but there are a few other games on there as well that have good reviews and why turn down spending an extra ten dollars for four additional games? Paulo has recently consumed and conquered the last and latest of the Metal Gear series. It is definitely an interesting game.
Speaking of interesting games, everyone has words that constantly evade them in spelling. I made the mistake of putting one in the address of my blog. Alas. I hope it is changable.

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McEwens said...

I have to admit, I have a compulsive need to comment on your blog because of that darned adorable bunny. I see it gleefully bouncing and suddenly I simply must click it. Also your pizza sounds delicious and I have a couple of words which I can not spell, surprise is one of them, :)