Wednesday, July 23

In The Zone

So I downloaded an online text of the latest pseudo-goth-teen-romance novel, Twilight, because a few friends have been all a-twitter over it. Downloaded because I refuse to venture any money in support of such a strange endeavor. I am currently on page 46 and had to stop and email Rachel. Here it is for your cut-and-pasted pleasure:

So you know how sometimes you see something really unexpectedly funny, and you can't laugh because you don't have a breath in your throat, so you just make a little wooshy choking sound and grin dumbly? That is pretty much how I feel as I read every new sentance in Twilight. It's amusing enough that I want to continue to see where it goes, but man it is bad. It is definately a bad Queen cover. An entertaining bad Queen cover, but still not an actual song with musical value. Oooh dear I think I will at least finish this book, although reading on the computer is quite tedious and always reminds me of Jane Eyre.


Tortue said...

HAHAHA I am still amused by how you are now helplessly doomed into finishing it. I was in that exact boat. Still am, 8 days until the 4th book! :D

I would compare it to a bad Queen cover too, especially that awful one you gave me of Bohemian Rhapsody, because it is so bad you can't help but laugh. And because you've become a hopeless teenage girl sucked into some kind of glorified fanfiction and somehow start thinking people like Edward Cullen should exist. But... I'm getting ahead of your reading methinks. :>

Sonya said...

Amen, sister. I have been on hiatus from reading it for a few days because it is on the computer and I've been at Paul's. But when I first came over to Paul's after having read it, it wouldn't leave my brain! it was seeping into the way I looked at everything we were doing! Gah. It all became a sappy teenage narration in my head.