Tuesday, September 15

Today I....

Made an oil change appointment.
Laughed in class. Along with everyone else.
Watched a sad romantic movie.
Made rice krispie treats and ate them warm out of the pot.
All of them.
I put up shelves. With a drill!
The closet is starting to take shape.
I cut my hair. The long braid is now hanging on the wall. Heh.

Monday, September 14

Cleaning Channel

While I clean, I like to have something running in the background. Gilmore Girls has been done to death, so has to have some extended time to rest between viewings. Lately I've been watching a trashy treasure by the name of Sex and the City. The benefits? Some really adorable pieces of clothing that make me want to re-vamp the wardrobe when I get into cash. A downside? Aforementioned cute single items are placed with eachother in ridiculous and sometimes atrocious ways. There's the occasional good outfit (usually on Charlotte, who almost always at least manages to have a blandly acceptable ensemble) but for the most part it looks like a blind or possibly malicious anti-fashion group runs the costume department on set.

In other news, without a washer/dryer, I have started washing clothes in the bathtub. I went to the laundromat once. It ate ALL MY MONEY. Well, about 7 dollars. It was ridiculous. Now fancy things like rented washing machines are only for big obnoxious things; comforters, jeans, towels -- stuff it would wear me out to attempt to stomp into cleanliness.
Also a pizza guy thought I was British. Not because I had some kind of unintentional accent but because I very college-ly have a huge British flag hanging in the living room. And he was very surprised to find that Sarah and I (who ordered pizza at 1am) were neither high nor inebriated.