Saturday, December 20

And yea, I am undone.

Today, in the midst of cleaning and fiddling on the computer, I started watching A Walk to Remember. This is a movie from which I got a very morbid message from the first time I watched it. I laughed often and poked holes in the logic all over, especially when he bought her a star. Didn't they do any research? That whole thing was a scam!
And yet, I have apparently grown disastrously soft. I thought it was cute the first time around, I wouldn't have watched it again if that wasn't true. However this time I got misty eyed. It's not the same when I am not labouring under the false impression he is building her a coffin. A telescope is so much more mundane. And instead of laughing at the star and the state line, I flinch or ignore it.
Gah! What has become of me? The high school "me" would probably be bored or annoyed with my current state.
And worse still? I plan to watch The Notebook. It looks spunky and cute.
I still think the books are insipid though. There's no covering for bad writing and they aren't ridiculous like Twilight so there is nothing to recommend them.

Thursday, December 4

Cite your sources!

On facebook there is an application called "flair".
You can send little buttons to people, of varying quality (both buttons and people, I'd guess), and they place them on a little corkboard on their profile. It's cute and I get addicted to looking new ones up. A cute one has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the $20, and says, "Irony is Andrew Jackson on a central bank note"
Sometimes I come across particularly atrocious ones. Such as one claiming Patrick Henry said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
Which is almost always attributed to Voltaire.
Which was actually said by Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

In other news: I Love BBC and NOVA! Archaeology class is much more entertaining than expected.