Monday, September 22

Time goes by and still I think of you

I need lessons in time management.
I love my classes. I love school. I even sometimes enjoy writing papers.
How can I train myself to study outside class better?
Just do it. Is the general consensus.
But if I could Just do it then wouldn't it be getting done?
I need a system. I love systems.

Also, I searched "Cordwainer Smith" on and it asked me if I meant "Sam Godwin".
Wtf? No. That makes me sad.

Tuesday, September 16

Help! Help! I'm trapped!

So I went to California this weekend. It was Natalie's bridal shower, and as Maid of Honour, I figured I should show up or something. I got there and immediately sensed a difference. People were colours! They didn't try to make awkward eye contact with me! Natalie and I reunited at the baggage claim of LAX and made our rip-roaring way back to her house with her father at the wheel.
We spent the first part of the weekend preparing for the Shower, and indulging me in all the gastronomical splendor I missed while I was away from my homeland. There were Mexican restaurants galore, including one with authentic mariachis playing so loudly that we had to yell to be heard despite being on the other side of the room.
The shower was a blast. Natalie and I spent the beginning in the laundry room frosting last-minute cupcakes and all the games went over quite well. Bridal shower games are obviously (for the most part) throwbacks to the fifties and yet any girl who tells you she hates them is a liar. Guess the cleaning product? Especially when the cleaning product eats its way through the freezer bag? Priceless and entertaining.
However the trip came to a unique twist when Natalie dropped me off at LAX around 730am for my 9am flight. I got meekly in line to check in and soon after a woman with an apologetic look frozen on her face began making the rounds. Anyone with "Houston" on their ticket was instructed to follow her. I look down. Well golly, my connecting flight goes through Houston. Joy.
I follow the poor harangued woman (not everyone is as open to an alternative situation as I am. Or at least, some are faster to flip out.) to another line where we are told our flights have been canceled.
After an hour or so in line, new plans are made. Plans that involve an extra twoish days in California. Normally this would not be traumatic, but it means missing school. I hate missing school. Regardless of the perceptions one might have of my study habits, I have a history of being freakishly unwilling to miss school. At least in college. Even when I was so sick with the flu that I fainted in the bathroom, I went. Which turned out to be a not fantastic idea. I felt like crap on toast past its 'best by' date.
Eventually, instead of being home at 7pm on Sunday, I arrived home at about 8pm on Tuesday. After a nice quick trip to San Diego where I watched fancy TV, visited Encinitas, tidepooled, and met some Chargers Cheerleaders. There was some football nonsense going on.
And thus ends the brief California trip overview.

Tuesday, September 9

I have a dream

I dreamt that I had cats. There was other stuff in the dream too, I had magical powers and so did paul and there were these giant robot things and I was caring for a tiny orphan baby. But also there were cats. I went into the back yard area and there was an endless vista of cats and kittens. Twenties of kittens, and tens of cats. At least thirty older cats, and many more kittens. I was filled with a glowy sort of joy as I thought about how I would have to get collars for them all. It occured to me, in the dream, that I didn't know where they came from. It didn't matter. Even when we were fighting an epic battle on a mountaintop surrounded by flames as the sun set I was still preoccupied - when could I go back to the cats?

Sunday, September 7

I know where I am, But I don't have to Eat it

So here are some gastronomic reasons I am not a good candidate for living in the south:

I Don't Like
Fried Food
Chicken on the bone
Pork (except bacon)
Sweet Tea (unless Roommate Sarah makes it)
Banana Pudding
Meat originating from cute animals (Bunnies, lambs, baby cows, Bambi, Duckies, etc.)
Any part of the animal other than muscle tissue (liver, intestines, stomach, etc)
Anything with a lot of butter
Cake with fruit in it
Pecan Pie
Lard, or anything that Lard may have breathed on.

So you see, I get to drive my roommates a little crazy with my pseudo-yankee ways. However I do love some southern things such as pecans, peaches, and the crazy friends I have made out here. More to come, perchance. I've finished my Religion homework and am being called to our ceremonial viewing of Gilmore Girls.