Monday, September 22

Time goes by and still I think of you

I need lessons in time management.
I love my classes. I love school. I even sometimes enjoy writing papers.
How can I train myself to study outside class better?
Just do it. Is the general consensus.
But if I could Just do it then wouldn't it be getting done?
I need a system. I love systems.

Also, I searched "Cordwainer Smith" on and it asked me if I meant "Sam Godwin".
Wtf? No. That makes me sad.


Tortue said...

The best way I got myself to study for school was actually at school. I would try all kinds of things at home to help me focus, but it's all too tempting with the bed and tv and sociable family members to slack off. So I ended up going to school at hours and days that I didn't have classes and just worked on stuff. And then I'd reward myself with things like meeting someone for dinner. I know it's different for you because you can't just drive home from school anytime you want, but I'm sure you have gaps in your schedule you could just do school stuff.

Also on the time management, I've always had a planner and wrote everything and crossed them off as I went. Helped me visualize my day better.

Rosana Hart said...

I just tried goodreads myself, for Cordwainer Smith (without the quotes, maybe that made it think you were putting in a title?) and it came up with a good long list of CS titles.

Rosana Hart, Cordwainer Smith's daughter

Sonya said...

I think I did just confuse the search tool.

As for time management, I do hang out at school past when I need to. Better planner habits would probably help though.

McEwens said...

Since you are already familiar with my longstanding history of excellent time management I won't go into detail about it...
One thing that is helpful is getting a boring office job where you have to stay at a desk. It will do wonders for you academics. Also having a group to work with or meet with at some point puts pressure on me to not be the dumb kid in the group, so I get things done.

Also, dude! Cordwainer Smith's daughter totally read you blog and left a comment! You are pretty much famous almost!