Tuesday, April 29

Layout Prodding

I am very aware that my blog currently looks like a troubled interior designer stricken with blandness and bad taste (a terrible combo. bad, but not entertainingly so) stumbled through. However I am actually quite pleased. I found a layout I can edit to my little heart's content and I am making way more progress than I was before.
Any crazy colours that appear, especially those in the fluorescent pink family, are there to tell me what that particular bit of code is linked to. So please excuse the mess. Amateur at work.

Sunday, April 27

Wedding Bells

So I need to get it out of my system.
I need to go to a wedding. Or watch a lot of wedding shows.
It's called a "Social Clock" and mine is going mad crazy. It doesn't help that I am dating an attractive and eligible young gentleman.
In the past year-plus, Rachel has gotten hitched, Sara has gotten engaged, Natalie's wedding is off the ground and running, a friend from work is to be hitched in a matter of weeks, and friendly acquaintance Kurt is also tying the knot next month.
A girl could go nuts with all the matrimony happening around here. I know it's not the time in my life yet, but I can't help feeling that female urge to convince a man to get her a ring. There is one wicked tennis match going on between the logic and the imagination in my brain.
A year and a half is too soon for me to be married. No matter how much certian areas of my brain might think it is a good idea.

Tuesday, April 22

A Letter to Serbia

I have a definite soft spot for eastern Europe. It's below my left shoulder, second rib to the left. Lately I have been doing a lot of research in the Balkan Region. Hopefully one day I can study there officially. On that note I present to you:

Dear Serbia, From Richard Byrne

Kilgore Trout Makes a Mark

A quote, particularly good on Earth Day. At least in my estimation.

It was Trout’s fantasy that somebody would be outraged by the footprints. This would give him the opportunity to reply grandly, “What is it that offends you so? I am simply using man’s first printing press. You are reading a bold and universal headline which says ,’I am here, I am here, I am here.’
--Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions
Of course, right now we are much more concerned with controlling that footprint.

Flowers Bloom, Finals Boom.

Finals are upon us. Suddenly the library is packed. People I have never seen appear in my classes. I start to feel an urge to do homework. I go online and check web comics.
Okay, so the last part isn't unusual.
We all know that I don't freak out much. I usually get by without doing a lot of homework, studying is minimal, and attendance is compulsory. It's a weird sort of college attitude maybe. When I was sicker than ever with the flu, I still went to class. But I can't bring myself to buy some of the books or even do simple response pages sometimes. I hope to break that habit. Next semester I will have to buckle down and conquer, or at least severely injure, my procrastination habit.

In other news, today is Earth Day!
I wish I had an apartment more conducive to growing plants. Most of mine have been relocated to Paul's, because although they will be fine for a little while, they start to spontaneously die. I blame Sarah and Cambria. They have bad plant juujuu.
Hopefully one day I will have an earth-friendly home. Right now I try not to leave the water running, and we recycle what we can. I wash clothes in cold water and have eco-friendly lightbulbs. But nothing wild.
Also I need to buy more beans and tortillas. They are awesome.

Thursday, April 17

A half and a half make a pear.

A scene from today's New Testament class, with the professor's part delivered in his characteristic monotone...

Professor: "...so we will be dividing up the chapter. We'll do half of it today, another half on Tuesday, and half when we get back."
Student: "Three halves?"
Professor: "Do you have a problem with that?"
Student: *silence*
Professor: "You must have a very narrow view of mathematics."

He's a great professor. And the way he talks, you wouldn't suspect him of being hilarious. But the jokes just get rolled along with everything else as he deadpans his way through the lecture. It still takes half a beat for people to figure out when he is kidding sometimes.

Tuesday, April 15

Goblins and Gremlins, Oh my.

So an aspect of my recent changes in hobbies is pretty evident in a conversation Paul and I had recently... Well, not so much conversation as it was a small, dorky altercation. Paraphrased, because it was a few days ago.

Paul steps between the bed and TV, as I play Oblivion.
"Hey! What are you doing getting in front of me when I'm trying to sneak up on a goblin!?"
"...Excuse me?"
"I mean... I can't see! He's going to see me, and-- AAACK!"
"I love hearing you talk about goblins. All serious."

I really do like that game. And the PS3 lets you customize accounts and stuff, so it's pretty great. I love anything I can customize. Currently my background is a huge picture of a cow. Which in and of itself is interesting. I seem to be plagued with cows recently. I made a paper cow at work, Paul got me saying Moo, and I've drawn them on the chalkboards at work. It's definitely not a trend I would have guessed.

Monday, April 14

And the day dawns on a new blog...

Yet another blog. Oy vey. But it becomes necessary as life changes. I only wish I could take down the old ones and put them somewhere for safe keeping. Somewhere no one can see them. Alas, the internet is not terribly forgiving. It haunts us with all the shadows of our mistakes.
And so, the design is still in the evolution stages. The content is minimal. The linkage is nonexistent. Enjoy!