Saturday, March 14

Dr. Strangediversion

or How I learned to stop worrying and love L-- is that a steak??
Lent began on the first of March. So far I have done pretty well, albeit a little unbalancedly. I started out abstaining from meat and dairy, with exceptions for 2% milk (bc I need to drink more milk) and healthy fish fillets (to encourage healthy habits and avoid living off discount chili). For spring break though, I was at home, where they were doing no-meat only with no fish allowances. So I swapped, which was a nice change.
It always gets easier the longer that one is on Lent. Eventually when Lent is over, it takes a while to get used to eating meat again. The best thing about Lent though, is that it makes cooking more active. Finding recipies, preparing meals. It's no longer a matter of just microwaving a hot dog or eating a block of cheese like one normally would when dinner comes around.
So far my mom and I made veggie lasagna from scratch, baked chili relleno, and a bunch of salads. I have been eating pineapple on everything as a condiment. Fish becomes more versatile and food feels more interesting.
And yet, today my mom and I lustily watched a man eat a hamburger a few tables away at a local pizza place.

Friday, March 13

Life in a Bento Box

So, Japan. A possible new adventure for the gentleman and I. Gentleman, mind you. Just the one. Though there are many places I would rather go, namely eastern Europe, I am coming around to the idea of Asia. After talking to people about it who have known me for awhile we've generally come to the same conclusion; Japan doesn't represent something fabled and new to me. I grew up around and among Asians of varied heritage. Asia is not a vast, unexplored frontier. Asia is a place like most others (in that every place is different) that happens to like things very small. That has a lot of irking potential since I am very attached to furniture and space.
However, the worst part? Not the bathrooms. I can [maybe] adjust if I end up with a strange bathroom. Those are usually somewhat western at this point. The thing I fear most is the kitchen. No oven? Small, almost camp-style cooktop? Little counter space? Tiny fridge?? How do I use that?
I hope to be able to use Ikea to solve a lot of my problems. Alton Brown (May he live forever) has always been a fan of multi0taskers. I should light a candle at my Good Eats altar and ask for guidance...

Wednesday, March 11

Eternity In An Hour

Ultimately, what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to study? From whom do I want to receive my W-2 forms?
"Language is a cracked kettle on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity."--Flaubert
Alas, these are the questions. There's an answer but it is amorphous and I seem to be the only person who isn't entirely bothered by that. I want to study language, to write, to be involved in religious and cultural dialogue, and to not be so entrenched in writing grants and doing studies that I can't have a family.
To me, remaining flexible is really valuable. My degree is currently excellent for use as a placemat. After grad school it will only be as good as my desperation, depending on what I get a masters in. Paul has a clear idea of what he wants to do and it is not only feasible and is likely to pay better than my job ever could but he also seems naturally talented at it. Therefore it is in my best interest in being able to take my skills where ever he finds gainful employment.
I can be perfectly happy writing articles for a magazine or working as a secretary. Neither is soul-crushing work and I am moderately optimistic that my education combo would be worth something in the entertainment-related arts. If nothing else I suppose I can do culturally conscious exotic dancing and write about it for an academic journal in my spare time.
Ideally I would be a librarian in a glorious private library, owned by an old and eccentric woman who sends me and my family on overseas journeys in search of new literature. She will have lavish parties and adore me and leave me everything in her Will. My family will spend Christmas in London, summers in New Zealand, and eat chocolate cake every day for breakfast in her honour.