Friday, March 13

Life in a Bento Box

So, Japan. A possible new adventure for the gentleman and I. Gentleman, mind you. Just the one. Though there are many places I would rather go, namely eastern Europe, I am coming around to the idea of Asia. After talking to people about it who have known me for awhile we've generally come to the same conclusion; Japan doesn't represent something fabled and new to me. I grew up around and among Asians of varied heritage. Asia is not a vast, unexplored frontier. Asia is a place like most others (in that every place is different) that happens to like things very small. That has a lot of irking potential since I am very attached to furniture and space.
However, the worst part? Not the bathrooms. I can [maybe] adjust if I end up with a strange bathroom. Those are usually somewhat western at this point. The thing I fear most is the kitchen. No oven? Small, almost camp-style cooktop? Little counter space? Tiny fridge?? How do I use that?
I hope to be able to use Ikea to solve a lot of my problems. Alton Brown (May he live forever) has always been a fan of multi0taskers. I should light a candle at my Good Eats altar and ask for guidance...

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