Saturday, March 14

Dr. Strangediversion

or How I learned to stop worrying and love L-- is that a steak??
Lent began on the first of March. So far I have done pretty well, albeit a little unbalancedly. I started out abstaining from meat and dairy, with exceptions for 2% milk (bc I need to drink more milk) and healthy fish fillets (to encourage healthy habits and avoid living off discount chili). For spring break though, I was at home, where they were doing no-meat only with no fish allowances. So I swapped, which was a nice change.
It always gets easier the longer that one is on Lent. Eventually when Lent is over, it takes a while to get used to eating meat again. The best thing about Lent though, is that it makes cooking more active. Finding recipies, preparing meals. It's no longer a matter of just microwaving a hot dog or eating a block of cheese like one normally would when dinner comes around.
So far my mom and I made veggie lasagna from scratch, baked chili relleno, and a bunch of salads. I have been eating pineapple on everything as a condiment. Fish becomes more versatile and food feels more interesting.
And yet, today my mom and I lustily watched a man eat a hamburger a few tables away at a local pizza place.

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