Monday, February 21

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Thursday, February 10

This is an example of the heinous waste that goes on every day. These plants, which are wilted because they need water, are soon to be thrown into the dumpster to be compacted. That includes the pots. Donation is possible, theoretically, and is rumored to have been done in the past; but I've never seen it.
I should really be more aggressive in encouraging people to change their evil ways. Unfortunately when I suggest (and by suggest I mean walk around whining and bemoning the wanton waste and destruction) they rarely think it's worth talking about. Maybe one day the ball of responsible consumer development will start rolling here.
Viva la revolucion! Viva reduce, reuse, recycle!

Wednesday, February 9

Yesterday we went to a concert, and I kept seeing people walk by with deliciously gooey looking nachos. This isn't quite the same as the delicious Nachos Of Sin, but it's pretty awesome.
I got a food processor and finally had some inspiration to use it. Cucumber, red cabbage, and a little knot of ginger. I added cilantro, olive oil and a tiny bit of sweet and sour sauce. Then I put it on top of greek yogurt (which is my favourite thing in the world lately) and mixed it a little before adding some chunks of avocado.
Eaten with corn chips topped with melty shredded cheese.
Super delicious.