Tuesday, April 15

Goblins and Gremlins, Oh my.

So an aspect of my recent changes in hobbies is pretty evident in a conversation Paul and I had recently... Well, not so much conversation as it was a small, dorky altercation. Paraphrased, because it was a few days ago.

Paul steps between the bed and TV, as I play Oblivion.
"Hey! What are you doing getting in front of me when I'm trying to sneak up on a goblin!?"
"...Excuse me?"
"I mean... I can't see! He's going to see me, and-- AAACK!"
"I love hearing you talk about goblins. All serious."

I really do like that game. And the PS3 lets you customize accounts and stuff, so it's pretty great. I love anything I can customize. Currently my background is a huge picture of a cow. Which in and of itself is interesting. I seem to be plagued with cows recently. I made a paper cow at work, Paul got me saying Moo, and I've drawn them on the chalkboards at work. It's definitely not a trend I would have guessed.

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