Sunday, April 27

Wedding Bells

So I need to get it out of my system.
I need to go to a wedding. Or watch a lot of wedding shows.
It's called a "Social Clock" and mine is going mad crazy. It doesn't help that I am dating an attractive and eligible young gentleman.
In the past year-plus, Rachel has gotten hitched, Sara has gotten engaged, Natalie's wedding is off the ground and running, a friend from work is to be hitched in a matter of weeks, and friendly acquaintance Kurt is also tying the knot next month.
A girl could go nuts with all the matrimony happening around here. I know it's not the time in my life yet, but I can't help feeling that female urge to convince a man to get her a ring. There is one wicked tennis match going on between the logic and the imagination in my brain.
A year and a half is too soon for me to be married. No matter how much certian areas of my brain might think it is a good idea.

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