Tuesday, April 22

Flowers Bloom, Finals Boom.

Finals are upon us. Suddenly the library is packed. People I have never seen appear in my classes. I start to feel an urge to do homework. I go online and check web comics.
Okay, so the last part isn't unusual.
We all know that I don't freak out much. I usually get by without doing a lot of homework, studying is minimal, and attendance is compulsory. It's a weird sort of college attitude maybe. When I was sicker than ever with the flu, I still went to class. But I can't bring myself to buy some of the books or even do simple response pages sometimes. I hope to break that habit. Next semester I will have to buckle down and conquer, or at least severely injure, my procrastination habit.

In other news, today is Earth Day!
I wish I had an apartment more conducive to growing plants. Most of mine have been relocated to Paul's, because although they will be fine for a little while, they start to spontaneously die. I blame Sarah and Cambria. They have bad plant juujuu.
Hopefully one day I will have an earth-friendly home. Right now I try not to leave the water running, and we recycle what we can. I wash clothes in cold water and have eco-friendly lightbulbs. But nothing wild.
Also I need to buy more beans and tortillas. They are awesome.

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