Sunday, September 7

I know where I am, But I don't have to Eat it

So here are some gastronomic reasons I am not a good candidate for living in the south:

I Don't Like
Fried Food
Chicken on the bone
Pork (except bacon)
Sweet Tea (unless Roommate Sarah makes it)
Banana Pudding
Meat originating from cute animals (Bunnies, lambs, baby cows, Bambi, Duckies, etc.)
Any part of the animal other than muscle tissue (liver, intestines, stomach, etc)
Anything with a lot of butter
Cake with fruit in it
Pecan Pie
Lard, or anything that Lard may have breathed on.

So you see, I get to drive my roommates a little crazy with my pseudo-yankee ways. However I do love some southern things such as pecans, peaches, and the crazy friends I have made out here. More to come, perchance. I've finished my Religion homework and am being called to our ceremonial viewing of Gilmore Girls.

1 comment:

McEwens said...

I guess I am one degree less Yankee than you, because I think pecan pie is what people eat in Heaven.