Thursday, August 14

Di-a-grams are Di-a-awesome

In regard to my new roommate who wants to move the living room furniture, which is fine by me, but who has very mistaken TV placement ideas.

Paul: So it sounds like she wants to feel like she has some influence in the apartment.
Me: Right, and Sarah and I want to feel that we still have complete and utter control.
Paul: So there is going to have to be some bending with you guys.
Me: Yeah, she will have to do something about that.

Therefore, I have began making a diagram of the living room. Which distracts from the one I am making of my bedroom which was what initially distracted me from my planning for the plant stand I want to make. I love diagrams and planning and organization. It rocks my world.

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Tortue said...

hey you corrected your url! when I entered the previous one I worried you had already ventured into another address altogether.

I love planning with pictures too! Especially when it distracts from the original purpose entirely. :p

also, special kudos to this entry's title. I don't know why, but it's just entertaining.