Saturday, December 20

And yea, I am undone.

Today, in the midst of cleaning and fiddling on the computer, I started watching A Walk to Remember. This is a movie from which I got a very morbid message from the first time I watched it. I laughed often and poked holes in the logic all over, especially when he bought her a star. Didn't they do any research? That whole thing was a scam!
And yet, I have apparently grown disastrously soft. I thought it was cute the first time around, I wouldn't have watched it again if that wasn't true. However this time I got misty eyed. It's not the same when I am not labouring under the false impression he is building her a coffin. A telescope is so much more mundane. And instead of laughing at the star and the state line, I flinch or ignore it.
Gah! What has become of me? The high school "me" would probably be bored or annoyed with my current state.
And worse still? I plan to watch The Notebook. It looks spunky and cute.
I still think the books are insipid though. There's no covering for bad writing and they aren't ridiculous like Twilight so there is nothing to recommend them.