Thursday, January 1

Recent Distractions

A break from school. It has been amazing. Finals was so pressure packed and when everything was done I was so relieved that when I got back to the apartment I dumped everything on the floor, kicked it in distracted revenge, then wandered back downstairs and began walking around the hill picking up sticks. I went up and down the stairs multiple times until I had a sizable pile. There was actually a point to this since Paul and I had been using his fireplace lately but had mixed success with the initial lighting stages. Therefore I decided to gather kindling. Then I cleaned out my notebooks and made a pile for tinder. It was very satisfying.
Tomorrow he is taking me skiing, in theory, but it means that I have to find appropriate clothes and wake up in time to get picked up. We'll see. I'd like to do the outdoors thing more often.
In other news, does anyone else find onomatopoeia in other languages as interesting as I do? There are some adorable shirts here. Not that I can afford shirts these days.
Also, with Natalie's marriage looming large on my horizon I have been looking at a lot of wedding stuff. In my travels I (or maybe Rachel?) found some aggressively adorable wedding toppers. There are the skinny funny birds, and the little round wooden people.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sonya! This is Shery Keel. I use to work with your dad. How are you? I really enjoyed your blog. I hope you don't mind if I follow it. ;o)

McRachie said...

Hee hee I am not sure who found cute wedding toppers, I don't remember doing it; but I am a google fiend and can't be expected to remember all of my expeditions into the internet.