Monday, January 26

Heigh-ho, Content!

How do I know when I am procrastinating? When it is one thirty in the morning and I am making lunch for tomorrow, washing all my bedsheets, reorganizing my books, locating studs in my wall for shelves, and becoming overly concerned that my blog is more or less lacking in any real content. And none of that is hyperbole. My mattress cover is currently tossing in the dryer, lunch is in the fridge, my bookcase is more efficient than ever, and I am sitting here typing.
In my defense, yesterday I was struck down with a very sudden and incapacitating fever. I was jittery and freezing whilst burning up and aching all over. It was weird, considering I don't get impressively sick very often. It dogged me all night, blinding headache and active sinuses thrown in to the mix as well. Then quite suddenly in the wee hours the fever broke and twenty four hours later I sit here perfectly fine with nothing to show for it except a nose that is not quite decisive enough to be stuffy.
On the positive side it's been warm lately. All the way up into the forties. We are pretty excited. Any day in winter where one can get away with only one jacket is cause for celebration. My window is even open. Astounding.
In other news, I have started searching for a roommate for next year. It's troublesome. Everyone thinks they are neat and not insane. How does one screen for such things? I have a prospect in one of Paul's friends which turned out well last time. Unfortunately the first year up here turned out so awesome that it's hard to deal with situations that aren't as perfect. Not everyone can be Sarah, Anais, and Cambria. It ruined me for all subsequent non-ideal living situations. So it's either Paul's friend, or an internet random. Randoms right now consist of a female grad student or a guy who prefers living with females.
I'm really craving a kitten. I miss having furry entities around.

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