Wednesday, February 4

The Moral of the Story...?

When I think about the conversations I have been having recently, it becomes all the more apparent that I am officially not only in a different life stage but also preparing for transition into yet another one. I'm finishing college soon, and looking toward what comes next. Friends and I have talked in all seriousness about the state of the economy. Stories about weddings are personal and in not only present but also past tenses. Life decisions become more imminent.
Right now I am coming to terms with the idea of applying for work in Japan. Hopefully I can get a job there. The demand for teaching jobs is supposedly high but one can't always rely on hearsay to be reliable. There are a couple issues with moving to Japan that I will probably expand on later. But there are other implications. Moving to Japan, an entirely different country. With Paul. Even if we are there with two good friends (one is definitely looking to go, the other is more tentative.) it has serious connotations. I'm not afraid of serious connotations, but it does put me in the early stages of The Rest Of My Life. It would be exciting, if it wasn't so serious.
Okay, it is kindof exciting.

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