Saturday, July 26

Everlasting Shame

I'm moving on to the next book in the Twilight series.
It's horrible.
It's awful.
It's despicable.
And I am going to finish the series.


Tortue said...


(a la Napoleon Dynamite)

Just to warn you, the first half... 2/3rds?... of New Moon can be a bit hard to get through depending on how emotionally invested you are with certain characters. I didn't think it was that bad, but Bella made it difficult.

McEwens said...

Nooooooo! I knew you would get sucked in!

Heather said...

Yes, ok, so I am totally guilty and starting on the third one today. I had no intention on reading them! I mean, the metaphors she uses are terrible, and I hate hate hate Bella. And Edward is just as ridiculous, but yes, like you, I am going to read the whole series. I don't know how I got hooked.