Wednesday, July 9

A long, long time ago...

...I can still remember when that sonya used to blog all day....
And if you don't understand that, it is a Don McLean/Weird Al reference. Don did American Pie (the song!) and and Al remade it as a Star Wars song parody. I have had an odd mix of both in my head lately.
Anyhow, updates. There is not a lot that is new that I can think of right now. The Tour De France is on! My man this year is Thomas Voeckler. I've been rooting for him ever since he rode in yellow next to Lance. He looked so happy I couldn't help but like him. However I am more or less rooting for everyone. It is just an awesome event.
Oh, I got new glasses. I really wanted this pair of Juicy Couture frames, a sort of rounded rectangular tortiseshell with a lot of green, becuase I want more colour in my glasses now that I have contacts too. However I couldn't quite swallow the price. So we shopped around awhile so I could contemplate and I ended up with some darkish green granny looking frames. The fifties not-quite-cat-eye but with no bottom on the frame. I don't know if there is an official name for that. They are cute and I look rather like a naughty fifties librarian. Perchance pictures.
Maybe I will post something more enlightening later.

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