Monday, November 10

I Am Afraid

That this movie will be every bit as bad as it looks.
And as bad as the books were.
And that I will watch it.
And like it anyway.

"I stopped reading [the book] when it said, 'Even in the rain he looked like he was in an underwear commercial.'"

Twilight star Robert Pattinson, on why he initially thought he wasn't right for film's romantic lead, to EW


Tortue said...

I know!! I am in your same boat. Totally going to see the movie for the mass hysteria that is sure to ensue once it starts rolling. I will be laughing inappropriately in all sorts of places, yet still be enjoying it.

And I appear to like Cedward more and more after reading quotage is like this. :)

Haley! said...

Hey Sonya! I do remember you! I also refuse to join the mindless zombie clan who are all obsessed with Twilight!

McRachie said...

YEAH! That's my baby sister! Resist the Twilight!

Sonya said...

I agree! Twilight is bad news! Get out while you still can.