Wednesday, March 10

Actual Conversation

ME: Could you help me put risers on my bed?
PAUL: Sure... Tomorrow? Could we do it tomorrow, does it have to be today?
ME: pouty That's what I thought.
PAUL: Could I at least finish eating first?
ME: Ok. Goes into bedroom. Clanking sounds.
PAUL: Just wait! I'll help!
ME: I'm just changing. clank. thump. pant.
PAUL: What are you doing in there?
ME: I'm just changing my pants.
PAUL: Did you just take your hammer and maglite in there with you?
ME: Grunt. smash. Crap. Ok. Nothing's going on, don't worry!
PAUL: Gets up to come make sure I'm not dead You okay?
ME: I'm Done! Come look at the freakish bed!
PAUL: What the did you do??

My bed, which used to be a very low 5 inches or so off the ground, now has my bed risers on. It is now like, waist high. MUAHAHAHA. I am not super positive how stable it is, but it seems okay.

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McRachie said...

Do not jump on the bed! I have punched holes in two sets of risers!