Thursday, December 10

You make me [sic]

In my trollings of the internet to find a suitable Nature Oriented Religion for one of my final essays, I found this WikiAnswers gem:

Q: What was Chumash religion?
A: duh its so obvious. they just belive in "magic" to heal. and other worlds and stuff. Look in the library. ull c.

It took me longer than it should have to realize that the "ull c." was not some type of copyright code but rather idiot-speak for "you'll see". If I had any kind of essay-writing buzz, this could have killed it. Or perhaps filled me with some kind of misguided superiority. Maybe not so misguided. Just superiority.
In similar but also quite tangential news; I've always wanted to get one of these for someone but I never know for whom or which one, since after awhile the funny might wear thin and just become depressing.

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