Saturday, June 6

Douglas Adams Is in my Brain

I'm back in the college town after a sojourn in the tourist trap, and life is dull. Nice, but dull.

Paul: "I've been playing Metal Gear for almost two days."
Me: "It has been two days. 42 hours is two days."
Paul: "What? No, two days is 48."
Me: "No it's.. it is 48. What's 42? Why did I think 42?"
Paul: "I don't kn--"
Me: "Oh wait, 42 is the answer to the Universe. Nevermind."
Paul: *stares quizzically*

Days consist of clawing my way toward employment, evenings I hang out with Paul. As he plays Metal Gear Online, I surf the internet. Or we read. It's like we're already a stodgy geriatric couple. A technologically adept geriatric couple.


Steve R. said...

Employment? Interesting concept.

McRachie said...

Hee Hee I think you should find a job where you have to sit in front of a computer all the time, preferably during the hours when I am also sitting in front of a computer...

Tortue said...

I really should read the book(s)! I reference that 42 is the answer to everything, but have yet to fully understand why.